As an outstanding piece of literature, Golding’s book requires serious analysis of the context of the epoch and contemporary literature traditions prior to reviewing it. Here are its main features that ought to be considered in order to learn how to write the Lord of the Flies essay properly:

  • Philosophical and religious symbolism

The book is full of cultural references which are essential to comprehend to fully appreciate the text and perform its literary analysis. Particularly, the scene with a skull can be interpreted in multiple ways, from a religious or philosophical point of view, as argued in Barnhart’s research.

  • Literary devices used to write about children

Researchers such as Kelen and Sundmark have highlighted Golding’s rejection of the prevailing ideas of other authors writing about children: idealism, depiction of innocence, and creation of a perfect world of child’s fantasies with a good ending. On the contrary, he prefers to talk openly about violence and other negative aspects of children’s behavior.

  • Coral Island - the book Golding is referring to

Written in 1857, Coral Island is a classic example of the literature for children: entertaining, positive, and educational. As shown in this argumentative essay sample, Lord of the Flies is a sarcastic response to this book, depicting a similar tropical paradise as a place of violence, death, and destruction. It suggests readers decide themselves, is man good or evil.

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