The story about Frankenstein is, perhaps, one of the most mysterious plots of the early period. Victor Frankenstein is a promising young doctor whose heart and mind are captured by the works of ancient alchemists, and with the burning desire to discover ‘the secrets of heaven and Earth’. Still, it’s vital not to confuse the narrator with the character, created by Frankenstein.

Being inspired by the genius professor, Victor devotes himself completely to the study of the nature of all things, and their metaphysical side in particular. His core belief is to mix the science of modern chemistry and the old beliefs to know the secret of life as the end result. All of the thoughts and ideas of Frankenstein are told by Walter, – the introverted, but the faithful friend of his without whose timely help Victor would not have achieved success, – in letters to his sister.

In his crazy chase of divine knowledge, the hero sets out on a hazardous journey to the ever frozen Arctic wastes. There, alone, floating on a crack of ice, he is found by Walter Not having peace in himself about his childhood and blaming his university teachers M. Krempe and M. Waldman for the lack of help, Victor evolves into a kind of mad scientist. However, Frankenstein can’t yet comprehend everything that is now open to his mind, – therefore, he suffers. Suffers from the accusation of other people, particularly his father, and takes no responsibility for his actions. Which actions, if to be precise? The greatest peak of Victor’s glory or maybe his most fatal mistake, – the creation of the monster. Having come to the conclusion that a dead body can be brought to life, the talented doctor makes it come true. Still, he discovers that it takes much more effort to provide the ‘creation’ with the proper help and care. And here the heaviest tortures of conscience begin. 

Unwilling to keep in touch and admit his mistake, Frankenstein runs away and finds shelter in a tavern near the university. Meanwhile, the monster keeps wandering around with nobody keeping eye on it. Since the ‘creature’ is left to the mercy of its instincts, it kills the young man, leaving the scientist no choice but cover this terrible trespass. What is worse, the monster asks his so-called father to make it totally independent. It turns out that a deliberately awakened dead person wants his story to be heard by people; it wants to be a part of this world; it wants to be known. So in a small shack in the picturesque mountains, the monster tells its life story from the beginning till the end. After that, Frankenstein decides to give it a chance and offers that it lives in the De Laceys family as an adopted son and learns to read and write. Still, it results in a problem – while walking in the forest, the monster comes upon Victor’s jacket with a notebook and papers lost by his creator. From the notes, the monster learns of his creation and in this bitter realization makes a solid decision to take revenge on him.